Forum username still based off eMail, not shift!

The forum FAQ on changing your username says to change your Shift username, because that is what Gearbox uses.

Clearly this is not the case. When I first signed up for shift a week ago, LITERALLY THE FIRST THING I DID was change my username.
I log into this site for the first time a half-hour ago (as of writing), it’s still using an eMail-based one.

The frustrates me greatly because there isn’t really any labelled area for site-support anywhere - I can’t post in the area of the FAQs as they are locked - the only instructions I can find are ones that clearly didn’t work. I don’t expect to get any help here either, but this is the only place I can seem to even find.

All I can say is BOY am I glad I used my eMail address that didn’t have my real name in it (as dumb as this address is).

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