Forums Down on PC?

Hey I was talking with @cyanized227 and he told me he can’t get into the forums. They work on my phone but I get redirected to Shift Home on my PC. Anyone else seeing this?

I’m on a PC now and everything is working fine.


That happened to me a couple of days ago. I sent in a support ticket and one of the helpful folks there did something to make it work again.

edit: @Genericktag - happened again to me today. I had been accessing the forums on my laptop (where I have “stay signed in” checked) then tried to access the forums from my desktop (login required each time). On the desktop, I didn’t get the redirect back to the forums; I was still able to access from my laptop though. Even fully exiting my browser on my laptop didn’t let me sign in from my desktop.

I’m wondering if the discourse engine recently changed the way it handles login cookies? @JoeKGBX - any ideas on this?

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All seems good on our end as far as I’m aware! :slight_smile:

I’m finally in, THANK GOD! Couldn’t get on the forums at all yesterday, but was able to log straight in this morning. No idea why it did that…

On mobile? I had the same problem

Same problem here on my PCs, using Firefox or Chrome, but just now able to get in on one of my Kindle devices.


Mobile, laptop AND home computer. Couldn’t catch a break yesterday.:rage:

Obviously some kind of issue going on with the redirect from SHiFT login back to forums occasionally getting blocked for a period of time. Could you please ask whoever’s responsible for the system to take a second look?

I made a ticket on the issue yesterday but didn’t get a response from what I see

Already sent a support ticket, I was directed by Joe to do so. Seems to be a hit or miss thing, it’s difficult to get to the bottom of it.