badly broken currently

The site is so broken for me right now I literally can’t open it in Chrome or Brave without it taking the entire browser along with it, preventing even being able to restore the previous session. Large portions of the site aren’t loading properly preventing me from navigating to where I need to get to, even to post this message.

Really needing some assistance with this, please.

(It’s either some really broken code, or, maybe even something hostile in the page?)


Hmmm. Looks normal here.

Lemme check on a couple of pcs.

Thank you very mostly kindly. :slight_smile:
It seems there are other people using it fine, so in some way it’s a “me thing”. I cleared everything in the browsers, but as soon as I log in, it kills (and I do mean KILLs) the entire browser. I’ve only seen this sort of thing happen from hostile elements in pages before. (Used to build very large e-commerce sites). I am baffled. The pages are so large and complex even if I could capture the HTML there’s not much likelihood I could dig out what’s doing it.

Well, It’s fine for me on various browsers and hardware. I can’t tell you any more than that, I’m afraid. I’ll have a root through some old threads and see if something like this has happened before.

I’ll do a restart, we had a serious internet outage. Unsure how that could be causing this, but stranger things have happened. Thanks so much for your help so far! :slight_smile:

Not much turned up, it has been wonky for a few other users before (but not recently,) those issues were resolved through support:, or we can ping @Noelle_GBX

My wild and completely uninformed guess would be to point the finger of accusation at SHIFT. Maybe.

Read that last word as ‘outrage’ and had some strange thoughts…

But: a bad outage resulting in corrupted cached pages etc. combined with the browser attempting to reload the page on restart might explain things?

I did see something “unusual” I at least hadn’t noticed before. There’s an alert in my URL bar asking me to download software. Looking into it to be sure it isn’t some “feature” I haven’t made use of in Brave before. things are working okay on my 7-year-old laptop with Windows 10 home. It’s my beastly “gaming PC” where this is happening. Doing some heavy virus scanning just to be sure. I was a professional in the IT industry for more than a decade, I’m pretty careful and have quite a bit of protects in place as it is. But “hostile actors” are increasingly crafty. I have no way to be certain “something” hasn’t happened.

Thank you once again, ever so much. You’ve been wonderful! Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me!

No worries. I’m sure you’ll have much more of a clue than I will. Good luck.

Hey, truth be told, it’s happened. But not on here.

I too have had some interesting moments misreading things. Once I saw a message from a Jeffery Zeldman (He writes a lot about design) and thought it said something about pursuing your goats. I thought that was in some odd way super deep, but then reread it and realized it was “goals”, not goats… Zeldman got a laugh from it.

No viruses found. The only thing I can think of at this point is it might have been a browser extenstion behaving badly. I turned them all off, and one by one reactivated them. If anything changes or I “discover” something I’ll be sure to share my experience. :slight_smile:

Thank you once again for you time and help!

Google Translate, specific to Edge (the Chrome version of it.) is breaking the page layout and navigation in Edge. Not sure if it’s related to the other problems in Brave and Google Chrome, but it’s getting uninstalled. I reported the issue when I uninstalled it using the form that was provided when removing it. If I discover anything else conclusive I’ll mention it. (Google Translate browser extension is being deactivated on all my browsers.)