Found 5 cosmetic items from 1 boss

it was crap in BL2 and it was crap since launch in BL3…

why the F*** are these useless crap items still dropping when aquired???

for the love of god! remove ALL cosmetics from the lootpool and ■■■■■■■ shove them in earl’s shop wich is there for a ■■■■■■■ reason!!!

I’d be happy if cosmetics had their own rarity , all in that rarity, so they can be individually seen and then, if you’ve received one already, it does not reappear.

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i don’t get why they filled up earl’s shop with a boatload of these things and then shoved the rest into the lootpool to clutter up your inventory and be an absolute nuisance…

hell, the white rarity cosmetics i don’t even notice (atm i never pick anything up below 60K value, green and blue items have verry low priority and act as filler when i’m going back to sell crap and whites never get a glance)

in BL2 you hardly found any of these things and in this game they drop so much they are literaly makes you hate the ■■■■■■■ things

the most irritating part is that cosmetic get in lost loot machine and you can sell them for 1$

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i got a whoping 50 dolars from that once :smiley: picked up everything but the cosmetics… and filled the lootreturn haha…

was funny for about 2 seconds… then i sighed realy hard :sweat_smile: