Found a bug with Fight For Your Life

Maybe this could go in the Axton subforum? I don’t know if it’s class-specific.

I just tried to FFYL against an RPG and Ion Loaders and while in FFYL I walked up the Ion Shield (or whatever it’s called). This is a bit silly, no?

Never experienced this with other classes to this point, and haven’t seen it in any bug-related thread since I’ve been around here.

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This happens with all classes, so it’s a gamewide glitch which has been in the game since release but it’s not really that bad. : P

I’ve never been in that situation… can you actually crawl up the shield?

I’ve had this game since it came out and I don’t think I’ve ever had this happen, if it has I don’t remember.

Yep, I’ve had it happen to me, playing as Maya and Axton. It has happened solo and co-op and I’ve seen it happen to my co-op partners…on ps4.


Would be actually funny if I didn’t want to die . .

From my observation, the shield has a distance you have to climb up until you ENTER the shield. However this distance is very small, but noticeable in FFYL where your movement speed is slow.

FYI: This distance, or gap, when not in FFYL, also allows you to attack the ION Loader without getting damaged by its shock arc, only if you succeed to enter the shield AND back up a bit.

I climbed halfway up it before dying, as an FYI.

Yeah that happens sometimes. Funny, but not when in FFYL.

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