Found a fix for all the bugs in borderlands 3!


Play a different game :wink:

I would HIGHLY recommend The Outer Worlds: that’s what I’ve been playing since the inventory sorting, tagging, and countless other bugs rendered Borderlands 3 insanely tedious to play (and if I wanted boredom, I wouldn’t bother paying a hundred dollars for it: I could…I dunno, sort pennies in shoeboxes in the back of my closet for free if I wanted to be consumed by irritating tedium).

Hope that helps, and I sincerely hope others learn about this prior to putting their money down or paying early like this particular idiot (namely, me) did.

After the positively infuriatingly useless – polite, but ultimately unhelpful – customer support, I won’t make that mistake again with Gearbox/2K.



Hello j,

Though your revelation is informative, it is not helping us make borderlands, the game that we love, better.
I completely understand the place where you are coming from, but am unable to find how that place is transitioning to us making our beloved franchise better.
I have not had my bank wiped. I don’t have issues with the software shutting down my system. I’ve only had some superficial, annoying bugs. So, from that relatively unaffected perspective, I am merely wanting better, from the company that has given me one of my favorite franchises, not abandoning them so quickly.
This game has potential to be the best in a series of greatness. I want to see where it goes.

To be clear…I’m in no way abandoning them ‘quickly’. This has been an ongoing issue, as I’ve documented in my posts here, and in my dealings with GB/2K.

I’m a longtime fan of all the BL games, from the first on, and have played them since the initial PS3 releases (now on a PS4 of course). BL1/2/TPS & 3. I repurchased the PS4 versions of the PS3 ones (!); I even paid extra for the SDE of BL3…but I repeat myself: all this information I’ve already posted exhaustively (e.g., Broken: Tagging as junk in backpack to cite just one post).

I spent a lot of time dealing with their CSRs…only to be told, by them, per the ticket I submitted, to post it on their forums (here), because they, as they said, ‘couldn’t pass the information along’ to the developers. So…I posted here (just click on my profile, and I’m sure you can see a decent list of polite and very detailed posts I made on these topics). The only useful thing they could offer was that “the developers read the forums”; I confess I’m not convinced of that.

Anyway, all that time was spent…to no avail. All I’ve received from their support (who have been very polite, make no mistake: just…useless) are what I’m now guessing are canned responses, like the latest email I received which essentially came off as, “OK, problem is solved, thanks so much for your money!” – and with exactly ZERO actual solutions.

So…after receiving ENOUGH of those sorts of responses, and nothing in the way of any actual assistance or solutions, did I finally give up and move on to a different game? Absolutely. It’d be foolish not to.

I love the entire franchise, however…as these are bugs which even ten minutes of QA playtesting would reveal, that…does not engender faith in the product, so…I’m taking my business & money elsewhere, and would encourage others who are equally frustrated by the lack of answers from GB/2K to do the same.

I got burned; they got my money, and their attitude seems to be, “OK, we’ve got your money. Thanks! Don’t forget not to come back!”, so…I’m doing that.

I am hoping I can prevent others from experiencing the same thing, as I know I don’t like being ripped off, and am reasonably certain most other people don’t, either.

So, if they want to keep their franchise afloat, they’d be better served with more QA and perhaps treating those of us who have been loyal customers for many years a bit better, perhaps…?

It feels like they’re embracing the Marcus Munitions method of doing business: while funny in-game, in real life…? Not so much.

Hope that clarifies things.