Found A Good Roll Critical Thug

Was checking the parts on it and looting remaining gear to make use of selling to get decent nades/shield before the Arms Race boss…

…then the FRIGGIN murdercane hit. I have NO chance to make it out alive so I lost the damn gun. I swear to jesus christ. This crap is definitely going make me quit again.

The moment I jump into AR, there is no god damn time to blitz through and trying to stay safe and not get gunned down a lot before the murdercane even hit.

Sick of this game. What is the point of AR if there is no time to jog the friggin hell to end of the map to farm chest if the murdercane going hit the area? Especially if one rush blitzing? Heavyweights and Badasses slowing me down and downing me and this is something to consider

Damn man I can’t even vent hard just to show how bad AR is. Ugh…

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I lost a 300/90 plasma coil once. Rough. Lost a madcap, beskar and wish all in one run yesterday.

There will be others.

I lost a x2 critical thug with 300/90. I was pretty choked about it. Ended up getting the exact same gun the next round.

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