Found anointed ion canon and craps

Found a cryo x2 ion canon with ASE 125% damage to badass
Found rad craps with 100% damage to enemies damaged by rak
Lmk if these interest you

That crap(s) sounds rad! Seriously though i would be interested

Ba dum tiss, haha do you have any other flak gear available to trade?

I have a number of things both rakk and gammaburst; as well as coms aside from st4ckbot and r4kkp4kk; what might interest you?

I’m running a rak build now so any good anointed weapons with 100% rak damage or ASE 100% damage
A shield with anointed elemental damage

Alright; i shall dm you when i get an idea of certain gear that may work (not home right now)

Sounds good!