Found another problem

I thought I would take Wilhelm into Claptraps’ mind today and my son wanted to tag along with his Timmy. We were both 36 and fighting 40s-42s, and managed to get all the way to Overlook and got the key. We traveled back to Nexus, and quit for lunch. I just fired up my Wilhelm, and it appears that I never visited Deck 13 1/2 AT ALL.I went there and got the cut-scene just like the time both of us were playing co-op. We were playing on his game, so I will check with him and see if his game is ok. This is unbelievable! I’m about to give up on Gearbox all together. If it’s not (in)compatable patches screwing up more than they fix it’s the constant fiddling and poking and changing the game what seems on an arbitrary whim. Sorry, I’m a little upset. DUH.

Well the same thing happened to my son the other day. We completed Claptrap DLC and he didn’t get “credit” for it. He has to start all over again. It appears that the host will save their progress, but the client (2nd) player doesn’t save their progress. This happened to us both, first I hosted and I saved and he didn’t, now today he hosted and saved and mine didn’t. We are on xb360.

I know this doesn’t help but do you actually have to manually save before you quit on the console?

What platform are you on? I’m assuming local co-op? There are some oddities around that on 360, especially if the ‘guest’ doesn’t sign-in, but you should see a warning about second-player progress not being saved. You’ll probably get better help if you post in the relevant tech support forum, though.

As for this:

I’ll be honest: I’ve never seen any evidence of this actually happening. Updates and hotfixes are usually announced and details provided (the one exception I know of was the BL2 update for for transferring saves from 360 to XB1).

On 360, as long as you quit normally (from the game menu) it should save automatically. I’ve never had a problem when doing local co-op with either of my kids as long as both players are signed in. I don’t know if this matters, but our profiles are all on the same physical drive.

Guys, I’m quitting the same way I’ve been quitting since BL1! My level progress and my weapons are there, but the game progress isn’t!

On the occasions when 2nd player did not have their game progress updated, was there any warning when joining that game progress would not be saved? Were both players fully signed in to their profiles, and are the profiles on the same drive?

was the client there from the very beginning or did you join after he completed the first quest? Maybe when you complete the first quest it’ll offer to skip ahead.

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No warning. Everything was normal just like in the main game. We play co-op frequently, so we would have noticed if something was wrong. I joined his game while he was in Concordia, band we traveled there together. We both got the cut scene from the beginning.

Damn, smells like black magic. Tech support could help maybe

Moved to tech support.

I’m starting to have a few problems with this game since the update ie when in kill the iwajira boss it won’t dissappear and just falls on its loot and when I’m using lasers the came freezes more and when I use certain vending machines the sound from the game dissappear and will only come back if I save and quit

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