Found Corrosive Phaseslam Annointed Ion Cannon

Dont need this weapon so its up for trade. LF Annointed Heart Breaker, Slow Hand, Creamer, Rico, Homing Mirv Tediore guns.

Psn: psDrEw66

Do you have a bloodletter with no Thin Red Line + health regen?

I have the shock, corrosive, and fire everblasts with 125% splash damage as well as an incendiary heart breaker with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam and a cryo heart breaker with 5% weapon damage and reload speed after killing an enemy. Also have Rico shields with 50% cryo damage and 30% damage taken returned to attacker for Amara.

If it’s a X2 Ion Cannon with that I’ve got a few things what annointments are you looking for?

I believe its only x1. Im giving it away so you can just have it. If you do have any of those guns that would be cool. Moze/Amara/ASE annointed

Dont have that item sorry.