Found DLC Legendary besides Aria's Encore


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we already found all 5 within an hour of the HotFix :slight_smile:

@lowlines @loving-hatred @viraforti


That moment when every single commander pack has a Legendary <3

Awwww, and I was excited my group had another first! :frowning:

yeah it was fast and furious after the patch
pisses me off just a tad
if I would have just saved my 100+ packs id be sitting on a hill of Legnedaries now

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Has anyone NOT gotten a legendary when they opened a lootpack after today’s hotfix? I haven’t been willing to update the Gear Sources on my website because the automated values seem to think they were meant to basically be a guaranteed thing that happens (with a Very Rare chance of a second Legendary dropping as well).

6 out of 6.


Does anyone have the health received item or the juice? those are the only ones i havent seen yet

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yeah im hunting Jennerit like mad now for a Voxis

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Just opened a Jennerit without a legendary. Not 100%

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Are you keeping track of how many you opened?

WTF is going on? hotfix? is there a bug that i missed? do I have to skip work today?

I want that for my Kleese Build…