(FOUND) LF : anointed headsplosion


i’m looking for an anointed headsplosion w/ 125% splash damage, 100% damage, or 50% damage ase

i have many anointed weapons ( 100%/100% rakk/125%/50% ase/gamma burst ), anointed shields (transformer, stop-gap, rico, re-charger, re-router, black ham, ect), and anointed grenade mods (recurring, cloning, mirv hex, stormfront) to trade
i also have many class mods ( rakk pak, st4ckbot, green monster, golden rule, etc ) and artifacts ( elem projector, otto idol, knife drain, cutpurse, loaded dice, ice breaker and last stand otto idol …)

Think I have one for Splash Damage. What do your Ice Breakers look like?

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i have 4 ice breakers otto idol :

first :

  • action skill cooldown rate
  • mag size
  • cryo resistance

second :

  • rad damage
  • rad resistance
  • shield recharge delay

third :

  • melee damage
  • weapon reload speed
  • max shield

fourth :

  • gun dmg
  • action skill cooldown rate
  • melt chance

i’ll be back tomorrow, let me know if you’re interested

I’ll trade you for the first. PSN jorgeammo


just added you

Jorge where in hell are you doing your shoppin?

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