(FOUND) LF : (anointed only) maggie, queen's call cryo, monocle, lucian's call cryo, rowan's call shock and fire, stop-gap, re-router, hex, stormfront


I’m looking for all of these, I have 300 legendaries stuff that I don’t use.

ps4 ID : Fyqamor


i have the stopgap rerouter and stormfront
need brawlers ward

PSN: Nobody919

I have a storm front that regenerates on ase if interested not sure what anoints u want ?

cryo or fire bonus damage ase

any good legdarty artifact with mele lifesteal

I have a cryo bonus grenade but I think it’s the Tina one if u want that

no sorry, only hex or storm front

ok thanks!

PSN: SUHprizeNooB

I have a shock rowan s call 100 damage ASE. I need cutpurse loaded dice with health regen or Ele projector loaded dice with health regen


I have monocle annointed 300 phaseslam
do you have cutpurse health regen ?

your monocle doesn’t interest me
but the shock rowan’s call does, i check if i have what you need

so i only gor spark plug loaded dice and fire stone loaded dice

I have a monocle with on rakk hit 100% more damage and a hell walker with 125% damage on ase

I don’t use rakk so no
thank’s but someone just give me the hellwalker