(FOUND) LF : ice breaker otto idol/last stand otto idol/st4ckbot


i’m looking for :

  • ice breaker otto idol w/ action skill cooldown rate and cryo damage
  • last stand otto idol w/ action skill cooldown rate and shock damage
  • st4ckbot w/ weapon damage, jakobs crit damage, sniper rifle damage

i have many anointed weapons ( some are 100%/125%/50%/100% rakk/gamma burst ase ), anointed shields (transformer, stop-gap, rico, re-charger, re-router, black ham, ect), and anointed grenade mods (recurring, cloning, mirv hex, stormfront) to trade
i also have many class mods ( rakk pak, st4ckbot, green monster, golden rule… ) and artifacts ( elem projector, otto idol, knife drain, cutpurse, loaded dice, other ice breakers and last stand otto idol…)

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still looking for those :frowning:


I have one with 16 pct incendery damage 30 shield delay 29 rad resist. Psn bekland

perfect, what do you want for it ?

Solar kings call

don’t have this one
i have a rad queen, but no kings

What do you have?

(90% of those are anointed, if you want to know the element and the bonus, just ask me, i’ll update it with all the details later) (OLD LIST - NON UPDATED)


  • hornet
  • linoge
  • occultist
  • hellshock
  • foursum
  • thunderball’s fist
  • breeder
  • nemesis
  • queen’s call
  • the duc
  • the companion
  • superball
  • magnificient
  • baby maker ++
  • the flood
  • unforgiven


  • lucian’s
  • rowan’s
  • breath of the dying
  • barrage
  • sickle
  • laser sploder
  • dauntless koos
  • embrace the pain


  • cutsman
  • crossroad
  • vanquisher
  • stark devoted
  • sleeping giant
  • ripper
  • popular bitch
  • hyperfocus xz41
  • smart gun xxl


  • trevanator
  • conf call
  • fearmonger
  • hellwalker
  • butcher
  • phebert
  • polybius
  • recursion
  • face-puncher
  • redline
  • tk’s wave
  • flakker


  • shredda
  • tungusta
  • scourge
  • ruby’s wrath


  • monocle
  • woodblocker
  • lyuda
  • malak’s bone
  • storm

Fire linoge?

one with +1 rakk attack charge
one with +75% element dmg and efficiency ase

Second one will work

When you getting on?

i’m on
i’ve sent it

Sent mine

thanks bud

anytime :wink:

Have a good one

man, you’ve sent me an ice SPIKER otto idol, not BREAKER

nevermind :joy:

Sorry about that. Let me check my inventory

So, did I send the correct one?