(Found) LF Red Fang, (Lv 65 if possible)

Hey I’m looking for a Red Fang with +3 into He Bites with Weapon Crit, Shotgun Damage and Jakobs or Hyperion Crit or AS cooldown, any combination of those rolls would be great (I’ll even take a low-level one like at 57 or something). I have a lot to trade for it so send me a replay on what you want and we’ll go from there

That is crazy specific, let me know if you find. I as well will search.

well figures cross

I have a lvl 60 red fang with a +1 the he bites with weapon DMG, hyperion fire rated, and hyperion crit rate if interested

no sorry, not really interested in that one.

Np at all

Got one LV 60 with +2 he bites, 43% shield reload speed, 36% AS damage and AS cooldown

not interested, sorry

I have 1 level 65 one with +3 in he bites with sniper damage, jackobs damage and torgue damage

Eh no thanks man, but thanks for bringing it up