(FOUND) LF : shock rowan's call

looking for this weap :

  • shock rowan 100% dmg ase/50% shock ase/50% rad ase

i have many anointed weapons ( 100%/100% rakk/125%/50% ase ), anointed shields (transformer, stop-gap, rico, re-charger, re-router, black ham, ect), and anointed grenade mods (recurring, cloning, mirv hex, stormfront) to trade
i also have many class mods ( rakk pak, st4ckbot, green monster, golden rule, etc ) and artifacts ( elem projector, otto idol, knife drain, cutpurse, loaded dice, ice breaker and last stand otto idol …)

Hello! I have a transformer with 50% cryo ase and im pretty sure also some other items youre looking for.

My PSN is: kemo_zero

just added you mate


still trying to get those things

list updated :slight_smile:


list updated
and merry christmas !