Found! Loaded Dice with health regen and mag size

Looking for Fire Lyuda next 2 Mags 125% Incindiary Damage.

Corrosive consecutive hits Shredifier and Dictator

Please let me know if you have any of these.

Also looking for other well rolled artifacts especially Atom Balm Victory Rush/Otto Idol.

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Oh man I saw when you picked that up lol. Grats. I’ll farm for what you need for that artifact.

I’ve farming the Agonizer for months trying to get this thing to drop, and it finally did.

I was about to shut my console down and I opted for one more try and it dropped.

I’ll gladly share. It’s a shame I’ll still be farming him for that Dictator though.

PSN jorgeammo

I have an Atom Balm Victory that has magsize and assault rifle damage if youre interested.

Level 53?

Awesome add me