[found] Looking for a Recurring or mirv Hex with 25% anointment

I’d really like to get this for my buddy’s 'nade spamming clone but have been having trouble getting the hex to even drop. I was trying to get it for her for Christmas, but now I’m back at it and hoping to get before new year.

I would love any help from PS4 community memeber in getting this item, and i’m happy to trade whatever to do so. Here’s what I’ve got that I think is more valuable, and I’m happy to check for other things:

  • Ice Crops with 50% shock ASE
  • MOARR Linage with 50% radiation ASE
  • Fire Baby Maker with 120% Splash Gunner ASE
  • Corrosive Devil’s foursome with 30% dmg airborne
  • Shocking Foursome with 40% incendiary ASE x2 magazine
  • Plain dmg Foursome with 100% dmg ASE
  • Lucky 7 with sntl cryo 50%
  • shock crossroad with 50% cryo ASE
  • non-anointed crader’s EMP5 x2
  • A bunch of faisors, many with anointments
  • Breath of the Dying with 130% Digiswap
  • Shock kaos with 50% shock ASE
  • Carrier with 50% corrosive ASE
  • x2 shreddifier with Consecutive hits weapon dmg anointment
  • non anointed good juju
  • shock butcher with IB exit 40% incendary dmg
  • Polybius with IB Exit 120% splash dmg
  • Corrosive Boring gun with 120% splash IB exit
  • Fire flakker with extra Rakk attack
  • 19324 dmg x2 ion cannon with 50% dmg to enemy with 25% health or less
  • Monacle with 50% shock on next 2 magazines ase
  • Lyuda plain dmg with 100% rakk attack dmg boost

Several more but these are what i could find. Thanks!

I have both the shock and cryo recurring hex anointed with on grenade thrown. Only looking for specific rolled items;
Last stand Otto idol with mag size increase and smg damage
Blast master with 1 point in redistribution, and weapon damage, smg damage and either splash damage or mag size increase
Corrosive Kyb’s worth with mag size of 44 anointed 100% damage on ase or 125% splash damage on ase
Ogre with added accuracy and consumes 2ammo anointed with 100% damage or 125% splash damage on ase
Quickie anointed with do not consume ammo after exiting iron bear

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I wasn’t sure Recurring Hex with 25% OGT even existed, since I haven’t seen anyone with one. I’ve only seen the Cloning Hex with 25% OGT.

God I wish you were on Xbox.

Hey thanks for the reply, I will look through the items I have and see what I can find. I don’t think I have any with those rolls but it’s worth sifting through. I’ll let you know if I do.

All genades can have all grenade annointments, actually.

And I wish trading items was cross platform :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some class mods that fit your bill if we can trade for those nades!

Ouch… Undercutting my thread to get the thing I’m looking for…

:rofl: you’re joking right? 1st day into the new decade and you’re breaking your resolution :man_facepalming:

I have a resolution?

I’m happy to trade with whomever has the items I’m after

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You’re good buddy. Have at it :slight_smile:

I have several of each

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I didn’t find any with what you were looking for in my bank this evening. I had some class mods with +assault rifle, and a bloodletter with +25% weapon damage, but I’ll keep an eye out for what you’re describing above! Thanks!

i have a cryo recurring hex with that attribute, i’d like that lucky 7 w/sntnl bonus cryo

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Message me your psn and I’ll add you when I get home from work in about 7 hours if that works for you!