(Found) Looking for Last Stand Otto Idol

Anybody have one of these? I am so tired of farming Tyreen. My psn is Gerbasauruz if you have an extra to trade. Thanks!

I may have ditched one recently or stuck it in my vault. Let me check out and get back to you.

Any particular state or simply last stand otto?

Any last stand otto would be great cause i cant get any at all

I have one. Do you have any artifacts with +smg, +grenade damage and +AOE?

I’ve got this one if you’re interested

yeah i am ill take whatever i can get, anything in particular you wanted to trade for? Thanks

Looking for a corrosive Cutsman with SNTNL 100% or a Redistributor with SNTNL 100%. Or a Stop-Gap with Barrier instant recharging.

Ok, I don’t have those but I will keep this in mind if I find any. Thanks

I’ll send it anyways. I sent a friend request

Ok thank you! Ill check to see if I have anything cool if there are other things you want

Recurring Hex cryo with on nade thrown Annointment.

If you don’t have it that’s ok. My gear is pretty good so starting to look for particular things

Ok ill keep an eye out, dont think i have the exact items but ill look out for them, thanks again