Found out why my iron bear wasnt doing dmg

For some reason as soon as I took dakka bear off now the dmg scales


@aaroncarrier You posted in the Fl4k thread on this too. It just occurred to me - I have not re-specced my Fl4k. Maybe that is the issue? Maybe re-speccing would help address IB and Rakk scaling?

Possibly but I was respecting already but dakka bear specifically does something. I wonder if grim harvest or something else messes with rakk damage

I checked, removing and adding it back, and also had problems when I specced into Dakka Bear. Without it, IB is very good.

Looks like it’s been moved into the correct thread.

However: there was a note in the update thread that the hotfix got delayed, so it may just be OP had been to the main menu and back in the mean time.

OK, so something up with Dakka Bear.

Sorry @VaultHunter101, did not mean to imply the post was in the incorrect place. I was really just musing on whether it may be a re-spec’ing issue for both IB and Rakks.

Don’t know, but there was also a hotfix that came out a bit late after both the update and DLC (separate downloads). Might be worth a reload of the game just in case. Although, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard talk of a respec error - I think Zane had/has one as well?

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Potential spoiler, but Iron Bear is doing work now.

He seems totally broken :o

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