Founder's Bonus and Season Pass characters not unlocking

I had purchased Battleborn with Humble Bundle and later purchased the season pass.

I haven’t played the game beyond the betas as finding a friend who has the game to play with at the same time was quite troublesome. That’s obviously a lot easier now that there’s an unlimited trial version out.

I’ve just logged in to find that I don’t have the Founder’s bonus awarded and none of the season pass characters awarded. I don’t have the credit that some players have been awarded here:

My credit is 50k and platinum is 1230. I’ve logged into the Command. Nothing appears.

Anyone able to help?

You had to have played the game between launch and before the free trial/spring update dropped in order to get the Founders bonuses. You should in theory have all the season pass characters available though, along with all 5 story ops. If that’s not the case, then contact support directly and raise the issue of the missing season ticket ■■■■■■■.

Hmmm, that’s disappointing that I have to have played the game. I realise that if I haven’t played the full game, it would be somewhat misleading to be called a Founder but having participated in both the closed and open betas, as well as owning the season pass, it does come off as a disappointment for a longtime Gearbox supporter. I have all 3 Borderlands games on PS3 and PC… full DLC on PC for all 3 games. Hell I also have Aliens: Colonial Marines on both those platforms… incl season pass on PC! Also went through the process of unlocking the BL2 unlocks via Poker Night 2.

The wording is also inconsistent. Website says that i have to have purchased and played the retail version whilst the in game news broadcast in the lower right corner just says I have to have owned the game prior to 6th June.

Anyway, I definitely seem to have a problem with the season pass not unlocking. I’ve lodged a support ticket so we’ll see what happens. Thanks for the reply!


  1. Founders Status bundle: I was asked to clear my cache in steam a few times but after the first time, my Founders Status bundle began showing up. Seems the credit I had in my account was the first sign of this… I also found the ‘Founders’ title under the Careers tab in Command. The slog to lvl3 is a little tedious for me as I bought the game for co-op play and currently don’t have any friends around to play the game with or find a public game. The rest of the pack should appear when I hit lvl3 I’m guessing.

  2. Season Pass: Yeah, this is definitely an issue. Support is looking into this for me. Sent in the relevant proof of purchase documentation one would be expected to supply and am just waiting for support to review and find out why my season pass redemption isn’t unlocking the DLC content.

2k support have been quite good thus far with this!

Pity that Battleborn didn’t take off. The bite size campaign missions and roster of 30 heroes is actually quite refreshing.


OK, after support checked my proof of purchase and confirmed that I had redeemed the season pass in Steam, they did their stuff on their end and now my season pass items are all showing!