Founder's Legendary, The Shard of Solus, No Longer Sellable

Hey everyone,

We’ve seen some discussion lately in which some people have accidentally sold their Shard of Solus legendary, which was a part of the Battleborn Founder’s Pack. We know it can be disappointing to have something like this happen, so the team has made it so the Shard of Solus can no longer be sold – same as with the character legendaries.

If you accidentally sold your Shard of Solus before this adjustment, please contact our support team and they can investigate for you.



This is a great mod and a great response from the dev team on an issue that some people have been having.

Is there any plan to give us any additional bank slots for free, given that we are effectively losing space permanently (taken up by the Shard)?


U have no idea how scared i was to sell it by accident…

Thank you!

Also yes plz more bank space… With all the new things i had to sell all the usless cc and shield pen gear.


ALL legendarys?? Not a big fan of that personally

He said other, not all other. I think he meant lore legendaries.


What’s the shard of Solis legendary

Not a fan of forcing us to keep ALL legendaries. I usually sell my duplicates. I think a better solution would be to implement the same feature Borderlands had where you can mark gear as trash or favorites and make it so we can’t sell anything marked as favorite.

The Shard of Solus is a legendary shard generator. You got it from a founder pack if you owned and played the game before June sixth.

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Dang it, 8 days off lol

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Sorry bud. If it makes you feel better, it’s only really advantageous for Miko, Reyna and Kid Ultra, since it’s the only zero-cost shard generator with no negative effects, and all negatives effect one of those three.

We mostly use it on account of the hat. And I play Miko a lot.

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What’s the legendary effect and hat if I may ask

None. It’s just a 1.8 ps Generator with zero cost and the Founder Crown flair.

Well, I guess it’s legendary effect could be being free.

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Are you sure? He means 6/6/17, not 6/6/16. Unless you’ve just been on these forums for months talking about a game you did’t own?


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Ohh, then yes I have it, awesome

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Correct. Sorry I wasn’t clear above. Only the character legendaries are unsellable. The others you can sell all day. I’ve corrected the OP to reflect this.


Thanks for the fix!

Is there any way to turn off the flair though? The Crown doesn`t mesh well with all taunts especially in the case of Daddikus.

I would literally pay $20 for another bank slot.

Make 5 more bank slots only buyable with platinum and I’ll buy them all in a heartbeat.