[Founder's Status] I Bought The Game Months Ago But Never Played It

As the title says, I purchased the game a while ago, but never got around to playing it for various reasons. I played it during Open Beta though, and I really liked it.

Now, I just recently found out about the Free Trial and thought that now would be a good time to finally check the game out and maybe see what has changed. Then I see this thing about Founder’s Status. And apparently, I’m not eligible. The reason for it being that I simply did not play it before it got a Free Trial.

Why is that? I don’t understand. Yes, I did not play it. But I still gave it my support by buying it all the same, just like everyone else. I’ll admit, as I haven’t played it much, I don’t really know how much value the Founder’s Status has. But I feel let down and a pretty screwed over to be honest.

I was very excited to finally get into this game, but this just completely killed the hype for me and now I honestly don’t know if I will because of it. Non-playing owners like me could have at least been informed of the switch and been given the chance to get their hands on this bonus. And the fact that we didn’t even get a heads up about this makes me very disappointed, and left out.

I realize it’s probably too late to do anything. But I believe I and others like me still deserve some kind of Founder’s Reward or recognition for our support… And if that’s just not possible, if anyone could at least provide me with a good explanation for this, I’d appreciate it.


You might try opening a ticket with Gearbox Software Support, which is located here:


Tell them your story, and they might be able to fudge your credentials so it looks like you logged in before the Trial, or just drop the equivalent rewards in your account. They are some kind of wizards or magical beasts, it’s all very scary.

It couldn’t hurt to try. I mean, you were in the Open Beta, so you certainly played the game far earlier than the Free Trial. And I agree with you, there should have been a heads-up.

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Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a little busy lately.

I will definitely give this a shot, though. Thank you!

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Hey, just wanna say that this totally worked! They were super nice and helpful and fixed it for me right away. (You might definitely be onto something about the magical wizards part).

If anyone else happens to be in the same situation, give this a try and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you as well. Just be nice, they deserve it.

Thanks again, mate.

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No problem. Glad to hear it all worked out.

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