Four more for Loot Boosters and Bots Battles

EDIT: Changed the Thread name and shortened the Post

I’m planing to buy a boundle of each booster… meaning five sessions of Loot and XP boosts.

My usual BB mates are not to inclined to get the plat either way, so if I could get a happy band of 4 Players willing to join I’d be super happy.

I plan to hold the first session on the 18th February the date thats gonna be Battleborn Day ll (I hope they go for more loot pack variation AND discounts… we’ll know for sure after the next Battleplan what the Devs gonna do)

PSN: hanautaBOB

Don’t forget to write it’s for BB I’d be happy to help with Lore if someone needs help, but will hold back on the Boosters for the 5 Player Vs. Bot action.

I’m looking forward to some serious Bot trashing and Looting.