Four Spiritual Drivers for Trade - All +2 Mindfullness

Last night I decided to farm for a better Driver COM for myself. I farmed for a little over an hour and managed to get not 1, not 2, but 4 Drivers to drop. But not what I’m looking for. So I decided to offer them up for trades if we can come to a deal. I’m on the hunt for good Recursions, low level Stop Gaps, Hexes, Alchemists, a high damage Protuberance, and Transformers. But I’ll take just about anything that tickles my fancy.

COMS are as followed, respond with which corresponding letter (A, B, C, D) you are interested in:

B) +2 Mindfullness, +2 Helping Hands, +1 Clarity
+10% Dahl weapon damage, +25% Dahl reload speed, +10% Vladof weapon damage

C) +2 Mindfullness, +2 Helping Hands, +1 Clarity
+15% Vladof fire rate, +1666 shield capacity, +45 Jakobs critical damage

D) +2 Mindfullness, +2 Clarity, +1 Helping Hands
+50% Maliwan weapon accuracy, +27% grenade radius, +31% heavy weapon damage

I am interested in this one. Interested in a transformer with bonus rad on ASE?

I also have an alchemist with %125 to Bosses and BAs as well

Is it a Double-Penetrating Alchemist? If not, I’ll take the Transformer.

PSN: DaktariZHN

its a single, transformer it is

REquest sent, I’m GuyIncognito84

Done and done.

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Out of curiosity, what Driver stats are you looking for?

Any combination of action skill cooldown, smg damage, shotgun damage, maliwan weapon damage, or pistol damage. And of course +3 Mindfullness is priority.

I have a spare with +3mindfulness SMG Damage, Fire Rate, and Incendiary Resistance I would be happy to send your way. Granted, you provided me with the com that turned that one into my spare

Ohhh, that’d be awesome.

I’ll send it your way in 5, just happy to help, plus I have been farming off and on for ages for a general crit anointed one

Bump. These drivers are still up for grabs and I got another one last night as well.

I would like to have one. (A)
Want anything in return?

Would love c but not sure I’ve got anything you need psn is sjb371

Honestly I’m looking for a lot of things as listed in the OP. If it helps, I main Amara but I’m still trying to work out the kinks in my Rakk Attack Fl4k and my clone and drone Zane. So any decent 100% Rakk Attack, 50% SNTNL, or 130% digi-clone gear.

If not, just make your best offers. @blount58 @jonam_vangansbeke

I have a corrosive dmg up on digi-clone swap cutsman. You still have the pistol dmg one available? Which is A in original post. Also have a sntnl movement speed up transformer.

I’ll take you up on the cutsman. However, I just got to work and will not be home until later this evening. But I’ll drop my PSN so I can accept your friend request later…

PSN: DaktariZHN

I work overnights so I sleep during the day Pacific time. I will add you when I get off work. I have Thursday Friday Saturday off normally, so we can try to trade then.

Sent. Just mail it to me.