Fov in ps4/xbox one!

There needs to be a fov slider in Battleborn.

The beta so far is good but the fov is very bad and something need to be done.
What do you people think.


Moved to the beta feedback section. Thanks for your feedback.

I have to agree with the OP. The FoV as a melee character when the enemy is jumping is inmensely hard to follow especially with all the particles and effects everywhere. I hope something is done because as it stands i dislike it very much.

Also a range character trying to fight off a melee enemy it’s just extremely hard to understand enemy positions and yours accurately in order to make an valid evaluation on how to outplay the enemy.

I agree as well. I love the FOV slider in the Handsome Collection so its omission in Battleborn has me scratching my head to why it was left out.