Foxtrot running and gunning issue

I’ve noticed that whenever I start to sprint with Foxtrot and then pull the trigger while still moving his movement becomes fragmented and awkward. He keeps trying to shoot and move at the same time which he apparently can’t do. Anyone else run into this issue?

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I’ve run into an issue with Overdrive. It might have to do with movement, too, but I didn’t think so until this post.

Sometimes when I am trying to fire Overdrive, my gun still wants to be burst and it fires 3(4) times and stops. I try again and again and after a couple bursts it goes into full auto. But needless to say it really destroys the ultimate when that happens.

Jordangold… do you have the red dot? Or are you hip firing?

I typically spec in red dot, but it happens all the time. I mostly notice it while I try to hip fire though, yes.
Your issue sounds a lot worse than mine. I’m hoping it’s just a few minor glitches with is gun which they fix in the patch…

What exactly happens?

You fire normally but your movement gets choppy and you don’t move as far? I don’t do a lot of hip firing, really, I can’t say that this has happened to me, but I don’t know if I’d have even noticed it if it did.

I streamed it on Twitch as a test


Do you notice this or am I just seeing things? He keeps trying to sprint after he starts firing even though I checked all the settings and every other character stops sprinting after an attack except Foxtrot. I worded it a bit strangely earlier though.

At the beginning it looks very glitchy. After that it just seems like you can’t sprint and fire. You cannot fire while you are sprinting… you should be able to fire while walking, though.

That’s the issue though. He keeps trying to sprint and won’t stop. He refuses to stop sprinting after I start firing and will even keep sprinting after I stop. Sprint isn’t on toggle either so IDK. This isn’t an issue I’ve come across with any other characters.

Oh, that is super annoying. I can’t see that because I didn’t realize you weren’t trying to do that.

Strange, sounds like Whiskey has a few problems with his gun. This seems to make sense as it breaks a lot when you are waiting to select him.

Yea, sorry about the quality. My internet provider has been having issues so streaming to Twitch probably wasn’t the best idea. I suppose I could work around the issue. Foxtrot is ranged after all and I typically only play him in PvE so it’s not like I need to sprint much anyhow. I personally kinda wanna look into the issue more though…

I’ve noticed this as well to the point where instead of hipfiring at say a big shard while moving, I’ll always stop moving and shoot at it and then move to pick up the pieces as it saves however few precious seconds