FPS drop at Sentinel big form

So, in the old forums, there were a couple of posts about Nisha getting terrible lag during showdown during the sentinel’s big stage.

Some said it was due to the Trickshot skill and the ricochet calculations. Alas, I specced out of trick shot and tried again, and still had the lag. It happened, when I applied cryo to the big sentinel’s face with tombstone running, and then switched to my critical skullsmasher and started spamming crits.

I’m on a PC, i5-2400, HD7950, 2560x1600, high settings, no Physx. Everything else runs smooth and nice, really just this one fight.

Guess I’ll try speccing out of tombstone and try again, and report back.

It’s unforgiven that does it

That explains why

Thanks, that helps. Too bad there’s no step by step explanation how to ease this problem. Go down on graphics settings maybe?

Yeah lowering settings, or upgrading hardware. But if you shoot enough bullets at overlapping hitboxes it can slow the best computers out there.

A little follow up: I specced out of trickshot, because I thought that was the main cause of the lag, but apparently it wasn’t.
It’s rather the riflewoman capstone skill, that will calculate all the rebounces from your targets to nearby enemies. Happened to me today with a mining laser and a room full of enemies with overlapping hitboxes.
I’ll try speccing out of the capstone and do some further testing.

What worked best for me is not using penetrating lasers. :frowning: Any gun with “beam penetrates target” on the card will break my game when I’m in Showdown with the Unforgiven capstone active, because not only do the beams penetrate, but they also ricochet around, like you said – which kills my system. This includes the Mining Laser, Firestarta, etc.

The Unforgiven capstone is too powerful, in my opinion, to spec out of it just to use a specific laser. I’d recommend using another weapon instead – I haven’t had very much trouble with the Unforgiven breaking my game when not using a penetrating laser.

Good luck!

Isn’t that what I said above… Just avoid guns with penetration like @LucyDaniels said.

heh, thanks. The very first time I got the lag, I wasn’t even using the mining laser at the sentinel, but the frigida smg in combination with a crit skull smasher.

Enough bullets will also do it

Allow me to express my dissatisfaction at the fact that some inefficient programming is preventing me to play the game in a manner that is supposed to work just fine.

Guess I’m back to the Freezeasy as cryo applicant.

@Derch is correct – I also have the issue sometimes when I’m blasting away with shotguns. The penetrating lasers seem to be the worst for me though – my PS3 gets the skull-shivers and then totally freezes up with those.

I do share your frustration, @Hana_N … I too am hoping they find a way to optimize the damage calculating so we’re not limited in what weapons we’re able to use.

Give up on that, its not fixable. What they should of done after seeing what b0re, chain, Nth did to bl2 is to not include a skill in that family. I’m pretty sure this is an engine issue much like so many of the sal issues.

It’s not going to get fixed, your stuck with it.

Oh, I figured as much. I’m also hoping that the Iwajira lootsplosion gets fixed, that the Holodome will get Zarpedon as a farm-able boss, and that the cookie I just ate won’t go straight to my ass.

Pipe dreams, all of 'em! XD