FPS Drop PC (Why is not given priority?)

I play the game on the PC. Why are you opting for optimization instead of so many updates?

DX12 is waiting too long.
FPS down too much in times of conflict.
The game that normally seems to run 70-80 FPS is getting FPS declines at a time
It becomes impossible to play as online.
DX12 performs better than DX11 but does not provide a consistent FPS ratio
There are no FPS increases that change game settings at ultra or low.
Instead of focusing on these optimization issues, why are there such updates in a game without PVP?
First of all, the goal is not to provide a fluent gaming experience.

Obviously we could not play the game after the updates does not matter at all.
I’m also wondering if I’m the only one living this problem.

My Pc configuration

Win 10 Pro
Gforce GTX1070
24 GB ram
intel i7 6700k - 4GHZ

Performance pitch hasn’t hit PC yet. Be patient.

Because not all of gearbox are working on one thing at at time.

The balance team are working on balance. The optimization team are working on optimization. Etc etc.

Some things take longer than others. Changing some in-game numerical values is relatively simple compared to graphics tweaks, I guess, so you see them sooner.

dont try to protect them they had enough time to optimize the game they just didnt test it on low gpu’s recommended 1060 ? 1060 my ass currently 2080ti is the recommended…

I’m not trying to ‘protect’ them.

How would the balance team delaying hotfixes accelerate the graphics changes, given that they are different areas of work?

It doesn’t. The average user doesn’t understand these differences.