FPS drop problem on PS4

I’m really disappointed on the FPS drop problem on PS4, although it’s a PS4 slim, it runs perfect on Spiderman, Red Dead Redemption…why BL3 has such low FPS…


I am having the same problem, but when playing split screen. Unplayable when the games going a few frames per second

I’m playing POWERPOINT lol

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I can handle the low FPS… but the input delay is killing me!!!
I hope we get an official word on this… at least just a “We’re working on it”

Playing on base Ps4, I’m also having some of these issues. Not as drastic as others but the input lag on the controller and fps drop on menus and vendors was super apparent going in.

So far I found at least a temp fix. If your tv has a game mode setting then turn that on. Also put 1080 on the ps4 video output setting. This fixed the input lag and it didnt feel so heavy anymore.

Worth noting that game mode will dull the contrast, but you can just set contrast to high and you’ll be perfectly fine.

O hope a Patch to out this game more perfect,because The graphics performance are really bad!!

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Resolution mode is really bad, feel like it should not even be there at the moment :slightly_frowning_face: performance mode single player isn’t too bad but split screen co-op is all over the place :slightly_frowning_face:

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