FPS drop=unplayable

Anyone getting frame drops causing the game to be unplayable? this is the only game i have that this happens to…it happens with sli on/off and gsync on/off usually about 30min into a game its starts goes from 180+fps down to 10-30fps and gets super laggy i have to restart the game for it to be playable, i,m using 347.52 driver and play at 120hz 1440p.

Post the rest of your spec’s so were get an idea of the type of system this is effecting.

I my self just got hit by what felt like a memory leak of sorts, I usually play at 50-60+ FPS with my setup.

FX-8370 @ 4GHz
8 GB of ram @ 1600MHz Cas 8
R9-270X 4GB
Win 7 Pro 64 bit

Even with this system I have seen HW1:R go as low as 16 FPS on Mission 5 which is Just Absurd, I mean seriously > wtf ? o.o.

It did not act like this how ever Before this latest patch, at least not THIS badly.

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Sorry about that, heres my specs
2x Asus gtx780 DC2OC, Asus Rampage IV Black Edition mobo, Intel 4930k cpu, G.Skill 4x4GB 2133mhz ram, CM V1200w Platinum, Samsung 840pro 256GB Ssd, Asus Swift 2560x1440 144hz display.

Eh…Ya you Shouldn’t Be getting Any FPS dips with that rig >.> they need to look into the cause because something is seriously outa whack when you go into a mission mission 5 in my case and the FPS plumets ? Ya somethings not right lolz.

Turn off VSYNC. I’m nearly 100% certain that will solve your issue.

There’s a known issue with VSYNC unnecessarily killing frame rate performance.

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Sounds like they need to go through there Rendering pipeline and optimize it more then if that is the case o.O.


So I just went and turned off or set to the lowest all the settings in the video options while playing on Mission 05, NONE of then had an effect on increasing the FPS what so ever. Before this latest patch I was Easily getting 60+ FPS. NOW I am getting 10 FPS WTF did you guys at Gearbox Fck up in the rendering department to make HW1:R so unplayable now ? I mean Really do you guys Not play test Anything before release ?

I am playing Star Citizen atm with Better FPS at Max settings at 1080p then I am in this game, that’s not a Good sign at all, cause its a Pre-Alpha atm o.O.

I have a 1440p G-SYNC panel and have vsync off and have tried it with gsync off as well

Hi, hows the game working for you now? am so tempted to try Star Citizen is it worth it in its current state?

I would say yes its worth it, don’t even need to spend alot to get a package which contains a ship + the game etc etc, and other goodies. atm there having some server issues with the MP and balistic speeds versus ship speed, but that’s all part of game developement lolz.

they turned off lod. other than motion blur, that’s the only probable cause

Is there a way we as a player can turn that feature back on ?

They didn’t disable LOD engine-side, but data-side (most of their .hod don’t use them or only have placeholder LODs, and none of their .ship have upLOD/downLOD functions). I know for a fact for having tested on modded ships that the engine still supports LODing the same way HW2Classic did.

It would be theoretically possible to add LODs to existing ships when additive hod modding gets implemented - not trivial, however, given the number of hods and .ship to patch.

But I really doubt that’s where your issue comes from. I’ve been running HWRM (at low settings, but in 1080p) on a 4 years old laptop with an old-gen integrated nvidia I don’t remember the model of, and it was running smoothly. Polycount is really a non-issue in term of performance - especially given the low polycounts even HWRM ships have - texture size and collision detection are much more likely culprits.

I noticed this massive drop in FPS after they added those new dust clouds, I wonder if there the cause of the FPS issues ppl are getting ?

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I’m having issues myself. Originally I had a GTX 680 running a monitor with 1920 x 1200 resolution and had no problem with maxing out the settings. I recently upgrading to a GTX 980 and a 4k monitor, and I have zero issues with other games. But when I tried playing Homeworld, my framerate start out OK with something like 30 or so, but as more ships appear on screen my framerate drops like a rock, and like other have said turning my settings and resolution way down does absolutely nothing to improve this.

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This issue is still happening and shouldn’t be, hope it gets addressed in the next patch as it really taking the fun out of this game.

Hi same here

my PC 6600k, GTX 980ti , 16gm RAM, 144hz Montor , WIN 10 all up to date

Feels like i “play” with 10 FPS UNPLAYEBLE try many Settings ingame nothig work

Is your game up to date? Because I thought this was fixed a while ago.
I’m playing on a measly i5-3210m with Intel HD4000 graphics and it works perfectly.

Low fps 30mins into a big 3v3, or all the time?

Theres tips on fps at the bottom of this post:

Any time I have a framerate drop, I alt-tab out then back in. Always seems to resolve that issue.

Set your card to use maximum power/performance perhaps? I dunno how amd do it but nvidia can set it as such in nvidia drivers panel. Had to do this with a unity game as the only other way to get fps back from being dead low was to alt and tab out and back again as i noticed while playing the other game that when entering new areas it was only using idle clocks like 300mhz lol. Checked with gpuz on 2nd mon to varify that. Dunno if its like that with homeworld at all but then again i have it set to use max performance.