FPS Drops in The Pre Sequel

Couldn’t agree more. I bought this game to play both with my console friends cause I have only had BLs on PC. All I want to do while playing this game is buy a better gpu for my ps4 lol, presequal gets almost unplayable at times. Wish they would have cut some edges to make a smoother experience. I can deal with less beauty for a game that doesn’t chug like a unicorn breathing its last breath.

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I am playing on the Xbox One. The screen tearing in TPS is pretty bad.

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I’m having the same issue, as well as several of my other friends. Some people are asking me if it’s good and if they should get it. BL 2 runs perfect on ps4. TPS probably runs worse than ps3 version. I made it to lvl 10 and can’t stand it anymore it has ruined my entire expirience. I’m currently playing BL 2 while waiting to see what happens.

Lloyd us ps4 folk are having the same situation with TPS

Yea the tps drops frames alot. Bl2 seems nice and smooth

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Maybe your TV is to bright? Theres alot of bright colors in the pre sequel. Now with the higher resolution it seems even more bright. Kinda hurts my eyes as well. The game looks beautiful though.

On TPS I did notice screen tearing during the loading screen. If it helps fix the problem it is a digital download on XONE, with the day one patch downloaded.

Good to know that it’s not just Xbox One, but still sucks to see that everyone is experiencing this. I hear from some people that it’s only TPS but I myself experienced it right at the beginning of BL2 in Liarburg and the surrounding area… It seems to come and go depending on where I am. Really hoping for a fix to this soon!

If it isn’t fixed I’m gonna be real upset. But judging by the fact that bl2 runs beautifully and TPS doesnt have most graphical bonus’ (meaning they look the same mosly) I feel like they just screwed up something when porting it. I would love to see a update real soon

Hi guys!

Just wanted to pop in and ease everyone’s minds a bit. The team is certainly aware of both the screen tear and FPS lag issues and are currently investigating them. Needless to say, things are quite busy and we appreciate everyone’s continued patience! :smile:


This is why I love this wonderful community! I really appreciate the response to this issue. Thank you all for being awesome! :blush:


thank god i thought it was just me until i seen this can’t wait for it to get fixxed cause i’m dying to play TPS but for now ill play thru bl2 and the insane amount of content. Until TPS is patched glad to know gearbox is on it.


Either way both games still play and look way better than last gen.

Thank gosh the human eye can’t see past 24 frames per second (:

What console are you using?

What TV do you have and what are it’s settings?

Reason I ask, is because I am on the PS4 with a 47 inch ‘M’ Series Vizio TV and I have not had any frame dips or screen tearing that’s for sure.

Just joined this forum yesterday, and I have to say I’m impressed with the way you operate. I purchased Handsome Collection and simultaneously sold my copy of Destiny because I was so sick of the game’s issues/lack of contant and the Bungie Forums.

There was constant vitriol from the community because their primary moderator never acknowledges issues. I give them props for being timely with fixes, but they also rarely admit to an issue until they are prepared to roll out the fix. That gives people twenty four hours to ask over-and-over again to get some feedback.

Thanks for letting us know this is being addressed.

TLDR: Keep kicking ass

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Thanks @eemersonslaw! Our community is very important to us and we want to do whatever we can to make it the best it can be. Thanks for being a part of it and welcome to the forums! :smile:

Can a mod please close this topic? Sorry, forgot to say that yesterday! :blush:

Can do, friendo.