FPS Drops on GTX 770 (GTX 1060), Windows 10

Hello everyone,
I haven’t been playing BL2 and Pre-Sequel in a while, so I was very surprised that when I played it, I was having really bad FPS drops. I used to be 60+ fps all the time after release and min. 35 fps with PhysX at high. Now, it was dropping to from 140+ to 30 fps with PhysX low.
I have GTX 770, i5-4690, 8GB RAM, Windows 10
Does anybody know what could be wrong? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

its windows 10.

Are you sure? :open_mouth:

Did you upgrade to 10 since the last time you played?

I did, and I have played after that, but not that much to notice it probably.
I have just reinstalled Windows 10, so maybe it will help.

check out my guide here
Also, this

So, just to let you know, reinstalling OS did help, but there are still some FPS drops (and huge ones on Overlook in BL2).
I’ve red your guide @Poisonedbite, sadly, problem isn’t there.
I’ve contacted support and I’ll update you if anything happens.

idk man.

I was watching an old video by Bahroo doing the Claptrap DLC, and was doing the last part, and started mentioning major frame drops. He was talking about the Physx on his PC. Went into the options, turned the Physx from Ultra to Medium, restarted TPS, and said it was MUCH smoother. Don’t know if he was running Win 10 or not.

I don’t think physx has an ultra setting in tps.

Interesting, Iľl test it.
@Poisonedbite I’m not sure if it is called ultra, but I know there is one more setting compared to bl2

Your right, it does. Don’t know how much difference it makes. Mine is set to ultra already.

Upgraded to GTX 1060, still having issues.
2K Support doesn’t know/care.

Example: Thousand Cuts, when entering from Three Horns and moving forward, before varkid pods it drops to 40 or so. I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t happen when I can play DOOM 2016 on max settings without any issues.
So it must be Windows 10 not liking BL2 for some reason :frowning:
I have yet to test TPS

EDIT: Nothing changed in TPS.

I was writing to support about the same FPS drop in TPS (Vorago Solitude) and they didn’t know why IT happens too.

So you don’t have to link me this article :slight_smile:

Step 1: remove windows.
Step 2: Install Linux
Step 3: Profit

I didn’t know Battleborn is on Linux … :wink:

This is the presequel subforum, which is on linux. And a lot better of a game.

Last thing I heard from 2K:

I believe the lag you are experiencing is due to the particles in the air in certain areas. Unfortuantely, we have already tried every possible solution, so I am not able to provide any more help with this issue.

Asked a question on Borderlands CZ/SK fanpage on FB, instantly received another player running WIN10 w/ issues in Borderlands 2.
Found a few reddits, sent them all to 2K, completely ignored them.

I’ll just wait until Win10 Creators Update, but I don’t think it’ll ever improve.

This is for everyone having the same/similiar issue: THERE IS NO SOLUTION YET, 2K DOESN’T CARE.