Fps drops when firing

hello people i am playing bl2 for some time and now and i thought i give bl1 a try… everything works just about fine , fps 80-90 almost everywhere but everytime i fire a weapon what ever that is my fps drop to 20 and the moment i stop firing goes back to 80-90 , i tried so many ini changes , lower resolution, aa off, everything but this keeps happening… anyone might have any idea what the problem might be ? sorry for my poor english :frowning:

is physx enabled on your gpu. this settings seems to disagree with bl1 in a large way. also could try turning shadows down

Hello, I moved you to the correct section to heighten your chance of getting a response.

Also, please send in a support ticket.


It’ll allow for a two pronged approach.

i have everything off , shadows , low resolution as well. i thought borderlands 1 does not have physx

I fixed the problem and now i can play full graphics incuding AA but on 1600 resolution, i found a line at engine.ini called “MaxParticleVertexMemory” it was set up to 14000 or 1400 am not sure and i changed it to 800 and everything runs smooth in all areas i’ve been playing for 2 days now without a problem…does anyone know what that line actually is ?