[FPS issue] Cryo Phaseflare (Cold Hearted modifier) causing massive FPS drops when punched


Relevant PC Specs:

EVGA RTX 2080ti
32gb DDR4 RAM
Samsung 970 EVO Plus
1440p GSYNC


Ambient Occlusion OFF
Volumetric Fog OFF
FX Sharpening OFF
Motion Blur (All) OFF
Material Complexity MEDIUM
Shadows/Draw Distance HIGH
Screen Space Reflections MEDIUM
Everything else ULTRA
Average FPS -> 132fps (Maliwan takedown, Slaughter Shaft, etc.)


Amara’s Phaseflare, when used with Cryo modifier (Cold Hearted), is causing FPS drops whenever it is punched. These drops are occuring even when facing a wall and punching it into the wall. FPS drops with nothing going on: 141fps -> 95 - 110fps. FPS drops during actual fights when punching Cryo Phaseflare: 141fps -> 55fps.

This does not occur with any other Phaseflare modifier.

Let me see if I can replicate that (just rebuilt one of my sirens who’s got these modifiers available). Please hold while we process your request…

edit - am not experiencing that. I fired it up in Sanctuary and threw it around a bit with no drop. I took it to the Droughts and ping-ponged around some Skags with no drop. My system is a tad lower than yours, but I have more eye candy turned on (average 75 FPS from the benchmark).

System: i7-5820K, 2080 Super, 32GB Ram, 1440p G-Sync monitor
Settings: All Ultra/High except Shadows, AO, and Motion Blur. (Am using DX12 also).

Anyone else seeing this?

If you’re averaging 75fps, you won’t see it. For example, if I limit FPS to 72fps, I see no drop while using Cold Hearted. the drops only occur for high FPS.

I expect the drops, it’s the drops down to 55fps that concern me. 132fps average -> 55fps is an extreme drop. 132fps -> 100fps is par for the course in intense firefights.

Edit: Test performed:

Capped FPS to 72fps and went to The Droughts to ping some skags. No fps drops and steady 72fps. Changed FPS limiter to Unlimited and performed same test in The Droughts. Dropped from 130fps to a minimum of 85fps. Have not gotten my Siren to Maliwan or Slaughter Shaft but I assume drops would be much more severe there given all the effects as I dropped to 55fps in Athenas at level 10.

That’s… almost more weird?

I dropped my resolution down to the min (720p) where it ran in the mid 130s and threw a cryo Phaseflare. The FPS dipped to the 120s. I’m not sure if this is a good comparison though… you may need to find someone with a more identical setup.

edit - whoops, I forgot to turn off my protein folder for that test. :laughing: