FPS Issue in battleborn

Today, i bought battleborn with season pass. I download and start to play it but i cant play this game with this fps issue. I can easily play good games with 55-60 fps on high settings like w***er 3. But in battleborn, i got only 21- 23 fps with medium- high settings. Can someone please help or im gonna refund this game. My gpu is nvidia btw

First off, even if you’re having problems now, you might not have them in a couple weeks. The Winter Update is supposed to include a pretty massive optimization overhaul of the game to dramatically improve performance.

Secondly, I get 60 fps easily on BB most of the time but, sometimes, for reasons unbeknownst to me, something weird happens and my FPS will cap at ~20 in any GBX game (I’ll start up BL, BL2, BL:tPS and they’ll all have the same problem). To fix it, I just do a hard reset of my comp (it’s not a heat thing; my theory is that it’s some kind of memory leak in the use of the physx tech) and I’m back at 60 fps.

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I’ve been with Battleborn for a very, very long time. And I remember that the previous major update was suppose to do that, and the previous big one, and …I’m not that long with Bb, was there some performance improvements Update back in July?

Tl;dr I got big promisses in the past, yet still I’m having (see below)

  1. I got a confirmation by some Windows 8 debug tool that supports the idea about Battleborn being a potential sorce of memory leaks. What’s funny, it was the 2K support that broght my attention to that, and they were constantly turning away from that idea :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. If we’re talking about personal experiences: do you know what’s worse than having “capped 20fps” issue? It’s having 80fps range random drops - try to adjust to that :wink:

  3. Also, about fps count: I’m having really good framerate (120fps) like on any map, and really bad fps drops on many of them, the worst being The Saboteur and Echelon (down cap at around 20-26). I got above recommended system specs, I’m runnig the game at lowest quality settings in HD, and I got fps issues!
    I’m also having, technically not so terrible, drops (down to 34fps) on Outskirts - and I don’t know why but Outskirts feels the worst, like whole lot more choppy and jumpy.

PS I’m also having green bar grade connection 100% of the time, even when lagging hard -yeah, imagine having bad lag and bad fps at the same time, a trip of a lifetime- so nobody takes my issues seriously :disappointed: