FPS Lag/Loading issues on DirectX11/DirectX12 (benchmark results), plus other bugs

  • I’ve been experiencing a lot of FPS lag when aiming down sights or there is a lot of enemies spawning/fighting in one area. I’ve set all of my settings to very low and I’m averaging around 30-40 fps on DirectX11.

  • I’ve noticed that some of the pictures of the guns in game are different from what the description says it is.

  • There has been some loading issues with DirectX12 that I can’t get passed the claptrap loading screen in the beginning (only fix for this is to switch back to DirectX11, via the GameUserSettings.ini file located in Documents>My Games>Borderlands 3>Saved>Config>WindowsNoEditor, locate PreferredGraphicsAPI and set it to DX11, then file save).

  • When playing co-op multiplayer (online), getting a lot of lag and skipping. Most of this is due to my performance on my computer trying to render and sync at once. (I have high speed internet, I’ve bypassed the firewall for the game, and set port-forwarding).

Below is my benchmark results from the game:

Side note: I’ve installed this game on an SSD for loading purposes, but I’m still having problems with loading levels or getting into fight sequences. Plus, I know my CPU is an older model, but it shouldn’t have any problems loading my games. I’ve been playing Destiny 2 on 1080p resolution at 60 fps no problems at all.

You didn’t wait long enough, Claptrap will dance will several minutes the first time you start the game with DX12. I blame GBS for not providing a loading status on that screen.

I’ve waited 30 minutes for loading on the claptrap screen on DirectX12, it didn’t work.

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I don’t know your pc specs but I heard it can be very long. Also you do need a DX12 compatible GPU and only if you are not CPU starved to begin with. DX12 is not for everyone.

I just uploaded my benchmark results with the picture, my PC specs are there. I do have a compatible DirectX12 graphics card. Maybe I don’t have enough V-RAM to run on DirectX12, since I only have 4 GB of V-RAM. I’ll just wait until they come with a fix.

in my experience. GTX 900 series were not really DX12 compatible. I know I had a 980Ti before I upgraded. I know nvidia advertised it was but it mostly for marketing reason. It wasn’t really a compatible card. I believe the RTX series are really the DX12 compatible one. Everything before that had major issue with DX12.

Yeah, I mean I did a DxDiag and it said I had a DirectX12. Anyways, I’ll just wait for an update. Thanks for your input.

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You do understand the difference between support it and supporting it well right ? Async was at it’s infancy when the GTX980 was release and even though it can run DX12, it doesn’t run it well like newer card.