Fps lag on borderlands 2 ps4

anyone else noticing some fps drops in borderlands 2 handsome collection for ps4? i havent tried the pre sequel yet but thats probably even worst from all of the complaints i have heard. the drops seem to happen in heavy gunfights or even sometimes just walking around. if it helps i have the digital version

Yes, I’ve read a few post about people experiencing it and I know I have in the Clappy DLC. I mentioned it to @joekgbx and he replied

So the devs are aware and I’m sure they will get a fix as soon as they are able.


You can expect some mild framerate drops during intense firefights. This is normal. Anywhere there’s a lot of character models/explosions/water effects is going to tax the system.

BL2 runs silky smooth 90% of the timel. BLTPS about %40. I’m hoping they can at least get TPS up to par with how BL2 runs.

Iron Galaxy is the company that did the conversion for BL2 and apature was the company that did it for TPS. I’m willing to bet this is why there is a substantial difference between the two. Should have had Iron Galaxy do the upscaling in TPS as well since they did a good job at the BL2 upscaling on the current gens as well as the vita conversion.

I think FPS drops is going to be unavoidable in situations where there is a lot of activity on the screens. I personally have had zero problems on the PS4 when it comes to BL2…even in high activity situations. the FPS rates do seem to dip but even when they are dipped they are still better than the 360/PS3 where everything starts to lag.

No dips on the Xbox One version.

I’m on the xbone and BL2 runs terribly, yet TPS runs smoothly and without issue. I think it’s different for everyone and just because people have been saying TPS runs bad for them, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be like that for you.

I can shoot my sniper rifle and it might hit the target 10 seconds later.

Amen to that i can’t wait to sink my teeth into TPS but it just runs too sluggish during fights for me to enjoy. Hope they fix it soon!