Fps loss when using scope or vending machines

Good afternnon all.

Have been experiencing huge fps loss while fighting mobs,using weapons looking down sights,using vending machines.Not really seen it run as it supposed to be “played”.Have tried reinstalling and rebuilding database,but it still runs like junk,also same for Pre-sequel.Known issue?

Thank you.

Same here, have the download copy - pre-sequel not playable as too much framerate drops - only done and hour and half of BL2 but although much better, did get low frame rates when lots of enemies on screen. Tried altering TV settings and resolution but makes no difference at all. I know XBOX has these issues, but not hearing it as much about PS4.

Me too. And as i play more with the split screen feature, when we are fighting, and my friend uses the inventory, the game frames drops until he closes it. (2 players, BL2)

I have had this same issue in the Clappy DLC. I mentioned to @joekgbx in another thread and got this reply;

Do the devs are aware and are working on a fix. Hopefully we will get a patch soon to correct this.

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