FPS low framerate/stuttering when tethering WIFI from phone

Hi, I’am having an issue with low FPS rate when using an android phone to connect to my WIFI router. I’am sure the problem is connected to that, because when I unplug the phone it’s back to normal fps, and back to stuttering when i plug it again and use “tethering via USB” mode.

My PC specs are ok for the game, I played it before with 120 fps on max possible graphic options. The problem started, when I started to use phone to connect to WIFI. I can not connect via any other way with internet, the PHONE > WIFI is the only possibility for me at the moment.

Any suggestions?

Hello Mr, Mari. I have exact same problem , I though it was hardware issue. I had to renew my cable internet contract so I was using USB tethering via my android so I could use my 4gb monthly mobile internet. Today I was trying to play Borderlands with my friend and then heavy FPS drops happened. Thanks to you I will wait my cable net else I would be mad. Thanks for pointing out, I confirm your issue , maybe USB tethering is not an option. Have a nice day.

From what I know there are fixes for this issue, however topics I found were out of date. I installed SPOTFLUX software, and when using it, the game was working as intended, but I’am not willing to pay for the premium version of the program (i just used free trial). But I’am no IT specialist, therefore I’ still ask for help!

Fixed. Bridging tethered connection with physical ethernet connection (possible even, if nothing is connected to ethernet) in windows network management made the game work properly.

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I tried doing that, but I lose connection from my phone? What did I do wrong?

Try turning your network card off and on again before bridging, if it doesnt help, try reinstalling network card drivers or updating them. Helped in my case :stuck_out_tongue:

And remember to reboot your pc after every operation.

I fixed the issue before yesterday by updating a driver. I must have spent at least 6 hours trying to fix this problem, and I’m pretty disappointed by the game thus far. Disappointed I didn’t wait for Overwatch, would have gladly bought that instead/