FPS problem in The Saboteur

The match started at about 13-18 FPS, when normally I’ve been able to keep my FPS well above 60 (usually more than 100)
It got a little better after a few minutes, but was usually still well below 30. Didn’t seem to matter what was going on and where I was looking at. Tried turning settings down but it seemed to have little to no effect.

I can’t try it in single player to see what setting is the biggest FPS hog since I still haven’t been able to complete “The Experiment” but I’ll be sure to edit this if I find anything new.

To note: I do have some heat problems with my CPU (Idling at 40C?) due to still having the stock Intel cooler and thermal paste on the processor.

It seems to be a common issue on Saboteur, FPS drops whenentering and slowing come up in time.
(I had the same problem every time I got there)

It’s very strange. After that match I have been able to play the map without such bad FPS drops.

It’s funky on several maps, but that one is probably the worst. It seems like may stuff that isn’t visible is being rendered.