Fps problem on a graphics card that should be easily handling it

I am have a lot of issues with the pc edition of battle born i have a gtx 970 a card more than powerful enough to run this game on high settings a i7 6700k 16 gb of ram and i can only get 60 fps on the lowest settings. In msi afterburner i noticed that the core clock only went to 540 mhz even though the usage of the gpu is at 99%. when i was looking for an answer i saw that some people with the same card as me where hitting easily 60+ oh high. Anyone else having this problem also anyone know of any fixes?

nvm fixed it
what happened was that the game did something to the driver that capped it at 540 mhz and i needed to go to device manager disable and re enable the driver.

Now i run this game 70 fps max settings at 1440p