FPS settings dosen't save

Every time i enter game, i have to redo the Frames per second settings as they apparently wont save. Really annoying. Sollution?

Is everything else saving ok?

Yes as far as i know. Just started playing basically…

Don’t know then. There are a few things on PC that can prevent your settings and game progress from getting saved, but that should have been apparent at start-up. Maybe there’s a video option setting that’s basically in conflict with your preferred FPS setting?

Thats very strange as i’ve never had this problem ever in any other game… I feel the whole game is srsly badly optimized. Also i just saw that my sensitivty settings dosen’t save either…

Check that your game folder is excluded from Windows anti-ransomware as well as any AV software, and that your settings file is still set to read-write and not read-only.

I’m having the same issues, everything suggested doesnt work.

Any fixes or updates? Ive tried resetting the game/ trying different settings in the nvidia control panel, nothing works.

Is this for the settings issue or something else?

This is only for the custom value for fps, everything else sticks.

My guess then would be that the game doesn’t think your setting is valid for your hardware, screen resolution, etc.? I’m not sure what sanity checks (if any) the software does. Is the FPS setting stayoing the same when you actually play the game?

it stays the entire time if i go in and set it once to where i want it. 2560x1440 165hz gsync monitor. 1080ti hybrid ftw3.

I’m going to add to this thread. My FPS limit settings do not save.

Used custom FPS values of 30, 36 and 50, none of them save.

Curiously, when set to 60, the setting does actually save.

The issue isn’t that the slider just moves to some default value. The slider stays where it should, but the setting doesn’t take effect.

The only setting the game remembers is 22-62 smoth (which will appearas 60 locked on 60hz monitors but with huge input lag compared to real 60) and unlimited.
If you go in gameusersettings.ini (Documents-my games-boredrlands 3-saved-config-windowsnoeditor) find a command line called righ framelimiter=0.
Put your desired value , save and it will be stored.