FPS/Stutter Fix . Any news yet?

Is this issue going to be fixed or addressed? Would appreciate any news so i don’t have to waste any more time

yes, they are working on it (from the dev talk twitch vod…) can be found here:

Hopefully they can fix it sooner rather than later, Thanks

They havnt addressed it, they talk only about OLD AMD cards and certain maps when its happening on newer amd cards and nvidia and also any map and what a bout the nausea and dizzyness?

True, its very vague. Wrong way to treat customers. I’ve got the problem constantly with a 3 year old hd 7990 in the menu and in game, not on certain maps. A lot of people didn’t have the problem in the beta and now they do. Addressing when it will be fixed would be great as it’s been nearly two weeks now with a broken game