Fraktaledbeforeu Unpatched weapons generator

(Franckestanyt) #1

Hi to everyone, im searching if someone can upload the upk of the unpatched weapon generator made by fraktaledbeforeu, im really searching it.

(Stevenslender123) #2

I have a copy of the generator, upk, and the shield code. I could zip the files to you, but I can’t find Frak’s email or contacts, so I can get the O.K to send them to you.

(Some say sic sense) #3

If you do get the OK, could you send them to me as well? I’m kinda interested.

(Stevenslender123) #4

Well well well, look what I found:

One of Frak’s videos advertising the mod. The link to the actual mod is in the description.

(Some say sic sense) #5

The link only gives a 404 Error. Check next time.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #6

By watching the video I was reminded why it was such a GOOD move on GBX’s part to patch these type of weapons out of the game. Still a nice mod though.

("I PUNCH HIM!") #7

If you are referring to the hack I can accept your decision. If you are referring to my friend fraktaledb4u then I wish to never talk to you again. Despite the fact I don’t hack anymore is irrelevant, calling someone a piece of ■■■■ because their way of playing the game is different than yours is not acceptable at all.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #8

Its not the mod I spoke about Stouty, its the guns as they were pre-patch (as the weapons in this mod were a real thing before GBX patched them, this guy simply re-patched the GBX patch (if that makes sense)). And the reasoning behind GBX’s’ decision to patch them. I believe you misinterpreted my post as an assault on your friend which it clearly wasn’t.

Also I didn’t, at any point, say that fraktaledb4u was a “piece of …”

If you wish to see confirmation, here’s a picture of the post I made before I edited it. I suggest you read it carefully and notice I speak of the weapons as they were pre- patch. Not the “Custom Made Mod” your buddy made.

I hope this clears up our misunderstanding.

("I PUNCH HIM!") #9

Mmk, apologies for the confusion and accusations. It really looked like to me like you where reffering to anyone who messed with game a bit as “peices of ****”. Hense my anger. Once again sorry.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #10

Its okay mate, stuff like this can happen. I might be a lot of things but I’m NOT the type of person to start randomly cussing to whomever may cross my path.

I’ll most certainly will NEVER cuss towards people who, like me, make custom content for Borderlands like Fraktaledb4u. I consider them brother/sisters in arms to be more specific.

(Stevenslender123) #11

Wait a sec, @Stouty22, if you have Frak’s email, could you send it to me via PM? That would be the perfect communication route as of now.

(Daboodawgg) #12

Hey do you think I could get one of these? I’m lookin to mod my borderlands.

(Ajzolocsik) #13

If anyone is still interested I think I have this mod.

(Some say sic sense) #14

I definitely would like to try it.

(Ajzolocsik) #15

Her is a link to the upk:

And the willowtree code for a level 69 shield

and some images.

(Some say sic sense) #16

This is gonna be fun. Thanks a lot!

(Ajzolocsik) #17

Your welcome, I hope you like it.

(Corporal.Lance) #18

For some reason it wont let me download it… is there anyone here that could email me a copy of the folder?