Frame drops every other time - Solved - Thanks everyone

That’s my thought as well - 1GB of GPU RAM is going to cause stuttering as things load in and out - and it won’t be subtle. You have more than enough system RAM for the driver/windows to manage HQ (or even near HQ) textures… it’s GL so the game has zero direct control over it. BUT - Once the card is full the cost to swap them will be high. It’ll be really high if it has to do it every frame.

One thing to try when your FPS is toasted - look ‘away’ from everything, wait a few moments… does the FPS come back until you see stuff again? GL/drivers will manage the overflow based on demand - so looking at nothing will allow the thrashing to settle, and should allow framerate to return.

Unfortunately - the only real solution in that case is to lower your texture quality/detail. With a 1GB card you should still be able to run nearly HQ in SP, but in MP (with many races), you’ll need to be a bit more conservative.

Ok, I tested your suggestion and looked away in the 8p skirmish map. And after around 1min the frame rate stabilised and the game got less laggy.

Thank you! I think both of you nailed it.
My layman understanding of this: So, if my VRAM is empty (e.g. after a cold boot, or longer idle time), the game may work with all the bells and whistles without any lag. The moment the VRAM is getting fuller (after loading a or reloading a game,or savestate), the system will start swapping textures (to RAM), which will cause stuttering and frame drops and higher gpu or cpu load etc…
So I did reduce texture size to 2k first, which did barely anything. But lowering the texture quality from 7 to 6 (medium) helped a lot.

Kudos for helping out, finding the reason and even explaining the technical background of this. Thank you very much! This is great! :smiley:
Will test this today and during the next week.

Can you maybe list how much impact the different graphic options have on VRAM?
(maybe interesting for people with lower end GPUs with less than average VRAM)

P.S.: Would it be possible to get an option to display FPS/VRAM fill during gameplay? This may help others with the same problems and with optimizing their settings.

Or even a benchmark mode with average FPS accessibe from the graphics menu (a flyby of a very crowded scene like in Tomb Raider or Batman Arkham City, for example)?

P.P.S.: Enjoy E3, in case you go there!

Ok, i see now we have different problems. My mouse lagg happens when appeared ingame also in the menü as well. I need to restart the hole game.

All these suggestions i already tried and said. This is not because of my hardware, i think 3GB vRAM should be more then enough for low quality settings.

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Hm, just an idea: Did you try to remove performance hogs from outside of the game? (antivirus software, adaptive overclocking tools like asus hybrid engine, or GPU overclockers). Maybe the game has problems with your ATI drivers?

reporting back: Multiplayer 2 humans vs 1 CPU works stable now. Looking good.

If you really want to have high textures and the only reason you can’t is that it has to keep loading the files from your drive, you could always have a look at AMD’S RAMDisk program. It creates a virtual drive in your ram, which is of course much faster than even ssds… You can put certain files in there that need to be loaded quickly. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

HA! I used to do that with my old trusty Intel 486 back in 1995. I see, we’ve come full circle. :smiley: I guess, nowadays, I’d rather get a better graphics card. I had been waiting for a reason to update anyways (but until now, my gtx560 never let me down - thanks to the fact that most games are just console ports). Now I’m thinking of just getting a used GTX770 off ebay.
But just for curiosity’s sake I googled it. How would I go about that? Out of my 8 Gb Ram I can only give up up till 4 Gb, how can I make Homeworld (which is bigger) benefit from that? In another forum, it was debated if it was better to rather activate superfetch on the SSD (of course risking faster wear on the SSD).

I had a bit of audio trouble, latency due to my old hdd no longer keeping up (planning to replace with maybe sshd)

You don’t have to keep the whole game in there, just the files needed. You would then need to create “symbolic links” to the files in the ram drive and place those links (rather like shortcuts) into the original directory. So when HomeworldRM.exe goes looking to load those files it would be redirected to the ram drive.

I used “Link Shell Extension” to create the symbolic links, just a few right clicks.

I assume for textures the files you want would be HW1Ships.big
Maybe some others not sure. (typing this on my phone atm)

Ok, thank you. I think I get it now. Maybe, I’ll try this next time I get problems. Just wondering whether the textures are in normal RAM anyways and the stuttering occurs while VRAM shovels them to RAM and vice versa OR the stuttering happens when the textures get shovelled to swap on my SDD and back.

Not sure have to ask the devs. They know how this system works.

Well, if they get around checking in I’d be interested. But I’d rather leave them to work on the next patch :smiley:

Yeah. They’ve been making great progress. :slight_smile:

Yeah! As far as I’ve read up on… they really did and are still working hard to make this last.
I’ve done as I always do nowadays with games I want to play… wait at least a few patches (with DLC/microtransaction-heavy games I sometimes even wait until they release a GOTY version). I have a huge backlog and not that much time anyways, so I can easily wait a couple of months. I guess there are still lots of people out there who are still waiting with their purchase of HW:R .
I did test the multiplayer with a friend yesterday and we felt teleported back to the turn of the century. It was great. :smiley: It is also great that they left the LAN mode in, in case steam goes bust one day. My friend even noted that the design of the lobby looked to him like it was from that time… I told him that was probably intentional. I hope they make it skinnable or at least put in the option to switch to a more modern interface for the younger crowd. I loved it.

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I agree, not many developers would do what Gearbox has done. Brought back a decades old game, do their best at remastering it, and then dedicate themselves to making it the best with the help of the fans after release. Many would just slap on a coat of paint and move on. All in all I’m glad that GBX were the ones, with the help of Blackbird, to reintroduce this game, they may have slipped up at release but they’ve been hard at work ever since…

Homeworld needed this, it’s gameplay, atmosphere and the experience is just too special, too unique to ever be forgotten.

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I am also experiencing heavy lag. Mouse cursor lags, and frame rate is so bad that this is unplayable for me.

I have just bought a new laptop, i7-4720HQ, GTX 960M 4GB, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, so this should run smooth on FullHD resolution and with high settings at least. According to some benchmarking sites i should be able to run even on ultra. I have GeForce experience program that also recommends to optimize with Ultra settings with my system.

Is my laptop really capable to run on at least high settings without lag, and how can i try to fix this?

I have already gone through settings and disabled almost everything, and still it is lagging so much that i cannot play. Even the mouse lags a lot.

I would be thankful if you could help me! :slight_smile:

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