Frame Rate drop on XB1

Experiencing big frame rate drops in Blood Shot Stronghold especially where there is a lot of water.

i have massive drops at the beginning at hammerlocks base and the whole area, especially when using a vendor machine. it was gone yesterday, but it is back now! below 20 fps!!! what is going on?

Hey man i have the same problem , framerate drop on vending machines / open backpack and go to weapons and when i go to certain areas of the map

Hard reset seems to work temporarily (push the xbox power button while on for 10 seconds)
but it can be the case that you have to do this every time you want to play again without drops. hope they
will fix this very soon… seems like a cache related problem…

i already tried this but not works for me…

You really thought you would get stable 60 fps? evil laughter

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Not even PC players on hardware 3 or 4 times as powerful as an Xbox One always get above 60FPS, especially in the mentioned menus. In fact, 20FPS is better than I expected out of an Xbox One, to be honest. It is running at 1080p, right?

The menu/vending machine slow down is incredibly annoying. To the point I don’t want to pick up loot, and have to sort through it,
The hard reboot helps this?

It is at 60 fps after i hard reset. i dont talk about fps drops here and there. it was at low fps all the time. it is a problem that can be fixed. If GTA V can run smooth on Xbone, BL should as well…

I am also experiencing the frame rate drops when accessing the backpack menu and vendors. I wonder if Gearbox is working on a fix?

I drop to 38FPS on my PC in the item menu in Borderlands 2. Granted, it used to be 27FPS before I overclocked my CPU. But, the point is that the game is CPU bound. PC players that have come here in the technical support section have had this told to them from the start. The only way to actually increase the performance on Xbox One and PS4 would actually be to increase the clock speed of their CPUs. And that won’t help if their GPUs aren’t powerful enough to handle the game (which I can confirm, they are not good enough). The hard reboot helping though, that’s a bit odd. You’re probably all thinking here, that the game isn’t graphically intensive though, right? Understandable, because it’s actually true. Most of the lag actually stems from the CPU, and the fact that Borderlands 2, as far as I know, doesn’t use more than probably 3 or 4 CPU cores.

So uh, long story short: There can’t be a fix due to the nature of how the game is. PC gets the exact same problems, for nearly everybody.

EDIT: Not sure why I ended up replying to you, since this applies to everyone.

They have acknowledged the problem for Xbox one and PS4 so it is a problem on their end not the systems.

I havent seen any framerate drops on bl2 on ps4. But the pre sequel does drop frames alot.

There are a few optimization problems, yes, but it’s actually impossible for the current consoles to achieve any near-perfect framerate without dropping resolution by quite a bit (Think 720p, based on their hardware), but that still doesn’t affect the item menu, from my experience. From my experience, the absolute best you could probably hope for in the item menus (Backpack, Vending machines, etc.) is near the low 30s with a lot of items in the backpack, which is honestly frustrating in my opinion. I know how bad that feels on a controller in those menus, I’ve tried it. But, that’s unless Gearbox somehow manages to fix the age-old problem somehow. If so, I’d love to see a patch for the PC versions as well if it is a fixable problem, unless it’s just an Xbox One and PS4 exclusive problem.

Only frame rate Issues I have with BL on pc is online also BL games have the best netcode ever made :^)
I get 60 all the time unless physx wants to go overboard a tad or I see a Shuggurath, honestly haven’t paid attention if my menus have dips.

GTA V is running at 30fps and has had a patch that downgraded the game to get it run “smooth.”

A suggestion… add these options to the game

OPTION 1: V-sync ON and 30fps constant
OPTION 2: V-sync OFF and 60fps

It is easy…

(I do not speak English , I used google translator, sorry)

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Who and why would anyone choose to play at 30? o.O

anything is better than tearing brutal

it runs very smooth with hard reset, but there is a trick ( i dont know why it works).
you have to start the game and if there are slowdowns and vendordrops you have to hardreset.
(important: AFTER you started the game and it has drops) i have to do this every time i reboot my
Xbox. And now tell me this cant be fixed…

What a great piece of hardware.