Frame Rate Getting Worse as I Continue to Play

I’ve noticed that my frame rate has gotten worse the further I progress in the game. It’s barely playable at the moment. I open my inventory and the game pretty much freezes and becomes choppy. I was fine up until a certain point, then I turned the game off, went to bed, and woke up to play and it was like this. I hope there is a fix in the works.

Anyone else having this issue?

Yes. Its a knwon issue. A Hard reset fixes this but only for awhile. so Unplug your console for a minute and will fix this.

Yes i have this issue also. BL2 is normally okay but was quite bad for me today. The screen tears on the pre-sequel tho are awful. I really hope they can fix this soon.

I have preformed a hard reset and it seems to have helped only a little. I’ve noticed that it seems to have something to do with inventory (every time I open it the games goes all slow-mo, controls become stiff, and the game stutters). This is why I cannot play with my imported saves, because it won’t let me go through inventory without almost crashing the game.

I’m hoping there’s a fix in the pipeline.