Frame rate on ps4 handsome collection

Hello all, new guy here. I recently repurchased the handsome collection on the ps4 and I am hoping to hear about other people’s experiences with the performance. I am getting frame rate drops all over the place. The worst offenders for me are washburne refinery, Torques dlc in general, caustic caverns, lair of infinite agony, and murderlin temple. Those are just a few examples though, it’s all over the place. There is also a problem when I’m looking in certain directions where there seems to be a laggy spot. I dare not touch the fov slider either as that really causes problems. It seems strange to me that an older game like this is having such issues on the newer consoles. It is to the point that I’m considering there is somthing wrong with my console. Thoughts?

It definitely dips in certain places for me as well. You named Washburne and Caustic which both have issues, and I’ve noticed it drops in Thousand Cuts when I’m grabbing the chest on top of the bridge near the Slab HQ.

Yes, thousand cuts is awful. Especially fighting up towards Bunker. I’m getting the slideshow effect everywhere though. I’m convinced the hard drive is fried in my system or somthing there is no way it can be as bad as it is. Guess I’ll order one and try it out, or go back to the 360 lol. Thanks man.

That’s really interesting, although there are a couple of dips for me (naturally, considering console), I’ve never really experienced much frame drop in handsome collection on the PS4 at all! Although my game is installed directly onto my PS4 (no idea if this has any relevance)

Do you have a digital version? I have disc copy and I’m not experiencing any frame rate drops at all.

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Yeah, I have the digital version. It’s very strange, how it is behaving for me. I’m now noticing it is in specific places in the world and certain game events that cause it. The fight with the loaders at Overlook when you’re trying to get back to Sanctuary is a good example. It slows down so much it is actually hard to play I’m more convinced now than ever though that somthing is wrong with my console. Fallout 4 disc version was acting in the same way before i gave up funny enough.

Washburn is notoriously bad, on the PS3 it was super bad. Hopefully next time round in B3 they’ll do optimisation checks properly. The PS4 Pro is better, but still has plenty of little dips around the world, but Washburn…ouch