Frame skipping breaking my Torgue stickies

I’m on Xbox one and, sometimes, when I get a whole lot of stickies on a single target, after a few explosions, the game freezes for a few frames and the stickies are gone. I know I could deal MUCH more damage with my x18 Bangstick, and it’s very annoying against Wotan and Jackbot…
Anybody else having this problem? Solutions?

what version of xbox might help people there are three xbox ones

also what mode are you running borderlands on performance or graphics

I get occasional video freezes on original XB1. The game is still playing - you can hear the audio, fx, etc - but it doesn’t honour controller inputs (eg releasing RT doesn’t cancel the audio of your gun firing) I haven’t had it do that while stickies were deployed though, so I can’t confirm that part of the OP.

The problem seems to occur in areas with a great deal of visually overlapping features and/or during fire fights with with heavy visual effects (especially cryo?) Eg Inside the buildings on Konrad’s Hold, especially with all the elemental weapons that enemies can spawn with there.

that’s why I asked what xbox one he was using the very first one was very underpowered for the current gen that’s why Microsoft only make the s and x now I upgraded ages ago because of this problem

Yeah it’s the first version Xbox one…

Yeah not trying to be rude but the first one was so underpowered that they stopped making it once the s came out tbh think of the s currently as the normal xbox one and the x as the s, it may be that or it may be what mode you are playing borderlands 3 on